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A bit of history

Vade Ad Cor was founded in 2014.

Its founder, Marc Van Obberghen, has an extensive track record in transformational leadership and organizational change management. As a full-blooded entrepreneur he cradled and shaped, over the past years, other organizations as partner and (co) founder.

Since 1992, Marc was involved in approximately 35 transformational and redesign projects, for different clients, varying in size, complexity and regional spread. It allowed him to work both on a managerial and executive level, cross sector, for national & international companies, both in public and private organizations.

Over the years Marc came to understand that many individuals and organizations are struggling with the path to follow. Gradually the plan grew stronger to develop a new company that would help individuals and organizations to explore and to discover new paths forward.

That is why we’ve chosen ‘Vade Ad Cor’ as our company name. In Latin this means ‘going to the heart’. First of all because transformations only work if we reach out to the heart of the people concerned.  And secondly, as we want to help our client’s to go to the ‘essence’ of things, in order to be capable to grow and progress.

With a team of highly experienced and leading edge Project / Program Managers and Change / Transformation Practitioners, we provide you with top experts to guide you through your most critical transformations.

Transformations that really matter!


"Start with the end in mind."
Steven Covey


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